Mid-June Team Update: Gremlins Continue…

June 19, 2007

After fixing the Cam Gears of the Fontana in our new Stealth car, the Engine developed major problems running 3rd the first race out and gave up on the last lap of a 50 lap UMARA Race.

While waiting for a New Fontana Power Plant to arrive from California, we went to Plymouth IN with the Teams other car for a co-sanctioned show with the USAC Regional Midgets and were fast right off the trailer. Even with a push-truck dumping anti-freeze in turns 1 and 2 on his qualifying lap, David qualified 5th quick. With a packed house and Tony Stewart watching, there were numerous extended yellow flag laps in the feature. Going for a possible 3rd place pass with 5 laps to go, the car burped for fuel. David had run low on fuel and not able to accelerate out of the corners, allowed David Gough to get by him in the closing laps relegating David to a 6th place finish.

Next up was the “Salute to Mel Kenyon” USAC / UMARA co-sanctioned Race at Grundy County Fairgrounds. David qualified 2nd quick in a stellar field of cars. Starting outside 4th row, David had his work cut out for him. After a short rain delay, the changes the team made to the Stealth Chassis were not good for David. But he jumped into the 4th position and continued to ride in this position for the first 43 laps. On a yellow flag at lap 43 the officials pulled David to the staging area and decided the Fontana had blown too much oil through its breathers, ending another good run.

The Team is still in high spirits knowing that the first win for David is just around the corner.

The Team has received the new Fontana and have it installed in the new car for a trip back to Plymouth Indiana on Wednesday June 27th for a second USAC / UMARA co-sanctioned race at this smooth track. After this race, the Byrne Racing Team have a Demo / Display night at Madison International Raceway on Friday June 29th, hoping to “WOW” the fans into attending a USAC / UMARA race at that track on July 28th. That race is Byrne Racings Premier Race of the 2007 season. Sponsors, Family and Fans plan to attend the race in our home state and a track David has been watching races since the age of 4.