Frustrating Year

July 14, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates. Byrne Racing is experiencing a very frustrating year in the Midget Racing world. If it isn’t a brake issue, it’s a motor issue.

The Motor locked up in preparation for the Columbus USAC Race back in April, causing us to miss that race. Brakes were the issue at the Indy, “The Night Before the 500” USAC race, causing us to not make the show. Same at Illiana, 12th place finish. Brakes at Grundy and ignition at Toledo.

Along with all this, the family business, Bytec, has had a 25% increase in business. This has limited the time we’ve been able to devote to our “Hobby”, RACING. Since Bytec is the major Sponsor and our life blood, we need to keep our eye on the right ball.

We’ve decided to take our time and get things right and ready for a late-season comeback. We’re going to put the car on a Chassis Dyno with both Motors to test and tune. We hope to be on track for the next USAC race at ORP on July 23. We also hope to get back to some Regional Races in August and September.

Needless to say, we have abandoned our quest for the UMARA Title in 2009. Stay tuned. We might be down but we are definitely not out. See you soon!