Byrne Racing Struggles Close To Home

May 19, 2008

Shullsburg WI – The Byrne Racing Team had a very disappointing week-end racing close to home in 3 USAC National Races. The troubles started Friday night [May 16] at LaCrosse Speedway in West Salem Wisconsin. The Team was within 2 tenths of fast time right out of the trailer but it was all down hill from there. We decided to go with too hard of a compound on the right front tire and qualified terrible. It put David on the pole for his heat race but on the first lap, out of turn 4, one car went high to pass and one went low. It almost worked but David slid up on the track and touched the rear of another car and it sent him for a pirouette down the front stretch into the inside wall. Damage couldn’t be repaired at the track so the team went to their shop in Shullsburg to prepare for the Slinger Race on Saturday. David and Tim worked through the night but could not get the car completed to make the trek to Slinger on Saturday.

Got everything fixed and tuned to head for the Rockford USAC Race on Sunday. Again David was less than a tenth of a second off of fast time right out of the trailer. In the second practice, the car got loose coming out of turn 4. David tried to catch it but he got into the outside wall causing the car to flip on the back stretch. The Byrne Racing Crew worked feverishly to repair the car for qualifying. After changing all 4 wheels, the front axle and a few radius rods, David pushed off just in time to take his position for qualifying. David qualified 26 out of 40 cars, not where we wanted to be, but then again, not bad for just being on his lid.

David had his work cut out for him if he was to make the feature race. He started 10th in his heat race. Only 4 would transfer. David’s brakes failed in the heat race and David had to be content to ride around at the back. He had one more chance to make the feature race; he had to transfer through the B-Main. After changing the rear brake caliper, David was up to the challenge. He started 10th and they transferred 6 from the12 lap race. David did what he had to do; he worked the track masterfully. He passed up to the 6th position without touching a wheel. On the last lap, coming out of turn 4, “Pretty Boy” Armstrong spun David to get the transfer position. Needless to say, there was some steam rolling, but after it was all said and done, Mr. Armstrong kept the position and we packed up and went home. “We will always forgive, but we never forget!”

That’s Rac’in!!!!!!!!!

The Team is regrouping and preparing for their next race. “The Night Before The 500” in Indianapolis IN on May 24th.